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Money Making Online, Making You Crazy?


Money Making Ideas Overload

I was very amazed at how overloaded your mind can get with all of the possibilities how to make money online.

The words: easy, simple, fast, ways, to make money online are very common in this topic and are very enticing words to our society today. Life is busy and there are not enough hours in a day to accomplish the things you wanted or needed to. So these simple words seem to immediately appeal to us. My overloaded mind followed the easy, ways, fast and simple trail along the automated internet until I thought I would go crazy…

My Journey across the Internet

Life had seemed to be picking on me a bit and things were not going so great. Not so good financially, I had been unable to work due to many unforeseen reasons, one after another. I found I had a lot of time on my hands with my physical restrictions, so I thought I would at least do something to challenge my mind. And my Journey began as I logged onto the internet.

First I just played games. Then, that was just not challenging my mind at all.

This led me to venture out into the vast oblivion of the internet. There is definitely an amazing amount of information and I started looking around. People suggested a few sites to visit, and well really, the idea of helping to give my family a little bit extra and maybe even a little step up was exciting to me.

I couldn’t work due to my injury and I was broke! I fell into the whirlwind of the idea of making money, easy, fast, and simple.

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Easy was not so easy…

At first it seemed so easy. Every link I went to was all about how easy it was to make money online. I thought, maybe I could learn the easy ways. Then I would not have to go back my overly dramatic workplace, I could stay home with my kids without being broke, and things would be good.

Endless Affiliate, Marketing and Money Making sites were the easiest thing for me to find on the internet. In most navigation, these sites were present. And it was very easy to get caught up in all the money making ideas.

There are many, many easy ways to make money online…the hard part is finding the right ones!

You have to be aware that the difference between what is said and what is not said, means missing very important elements that will affect the worth and success of your efforts.

Simple, it wasn’t what I thought…

To me simple means a couple easy steps, but there are “help” menus for everything (which I found some are no help at all).

However most of these don’t tell you all the steps. They offer to give you the simple or easy steps, not necessarily the “Important” steps.

Most will offer that through buying their system you will succeed. I tried that too, only to find out that the money spent did not make me anything but cost me money instead. I still did not have all the key elements to be able to succeed.

Don’t be worried, there are many that are what they say and really do make you money, but you have to do your research. This is the part that almost drove me crazy. Really, trying to figure out or go through all the “simple” steps or ways that you can make money on the internet is like a dog chasing its tale.

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Fast, well quite simply No!

The amount of time I put into trying the fast, easy, simple ways and steps, the keyword searches (I so dislike those), and all the different accounts and applications. E-mail, great I had one of those, but that was the tease. Then off to the toolbars, html codes and don’t forget it is necessary for survival to join social networking groups and blogs. You need to know the untold secrets, are not in any way fast!

Before I knew it I was so lost! And I spent hours away from everything trying to figure it all out.

Don’t get me wrong, there are legitimate ways to make money on the internet, and the programs and guides are very good.

However, I find they all do take an amount of time setting up: E-mail providers, applications needed and building profiles and information. My best advice so far, is to stay organized while doing your research, and do the research.

When you feel overwhelmed or frustrated, shut it down, it will only take you farther in. Yes, it will take longer but it will have a better chance at success. I think the possibilities are endless when it comes to making money on the internet. I hope I can learn some of the secrets along my Internet Travel.

Remember it is still “buyer beware”.

Am I making millions on the internet? No, I am not.

But I do believe that there are people who do make money.

So I am doing my research and sharing my reviews on what I have found interesting so far.

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