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Do We Really Make Money Online With Facebook?


Actually, before I get right into it, let me go over a few things. This article is not about how you can sell stuff on Facebook using the Marketplace Ads feature, nor is it about how you can promote your business by going around and spamming other people's profiles and groups. All the articles that I have read so far about making money on Facebook encourage you to do this, something that I'm sure you have thought of anyways.

What I am going to talk about here is how you can make money on Facebook by actually helping to make Facebook better at the same time, and not just by spamming the hell out of it (which probably does not really work anyways, and is against their Terms of Use, which could lead to your account being deleted).

In order for you to make money on Facebook, you have to have something to sell. Can not think of anything? Think harder …. what is Facebook's greatest asset? It's PEOPLE! Facebook is rapidly approaching having 60 MILLION members, most of what are in an age range where they will have lots of money to spend. If you want to make money on Facebook, you do not have to actually sell to other Facebook members … you can sell advertisers ADVERTISING SPACE on the popular Facebook Pages that you have created.

What kind of Facebook Pages would advertisers want to put their ads on? They are looking for Facebook Pages that are very focused around their business … in fact, they would probably have ads on a Facebook Page that has fewer members then a larger group that is less interested in their business niche.

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Facebook will hate me for saying this, but you do not even have to be involved in the topic area that your Page is about in order to promote it. I do not know anything about Blackberries for example. But I can still create a Facebook Page about “Blackberry Game Reviews” …. which might attract many users if I add good content to the page. Adding lots of good, original content about your topic to your Page is the key to earning large numbers of Page Fans

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